CFORCE 110 Youth Petrol


CFORCE 110 Youth Petrol

The CFMOTO ATV range has been enriched with the CFORCE 110 which is an ATV for children over 10 years old.

It is the best and safest way for a child to gain experience and driving education from a very young age that will be extremely useful when he gets his driver’s license. (License plates can’t be issued for CFORCE 110)

The CFORCE 110 is a single cylinder 110cc vehicle with an overhead cam, EFI and rear wheel drive by chain.

It also includes a Safety Tether which clips on the coiled tether to rider’s jersey. In case of rider and vehicle separated, the tether will shut down the motor to stop vehicle.

Includes speed limiter, tail flag for easy spotting from afar, 3.5′ LCD display, LED lights, disc brakes through-out, jump starter and 6.7L fuel tank.